Diploma and Ph.D. Theses

C. Angerer
Exploiting Task-order Information in Compilers for Shared-memory Parallel Programs
Doctoral thesis at the Institute of Computer Systems, ETH Zurich,
Advisor: Thomas Gross
C. Angerer, T. Klüpfel, M. Ott, M. Pittenauer D. Wagner
Xrave - Requirements Analysis Video Editor for Software Cinema
Diploma thesis at the Department for Applied Software Engineering, TU München,
Aufgabensteller: B. Bruegge, Advisor: O. Creighton


C. Angerer, Th. Gross
Exploiting Task Order Information for Optimizing Sequentially Consistent Java Programs
PACT 2011, Galveston, Texas, USA October 2011 (bib)
C. Angerer, Th. Gross
now happens-before later: Static Schedule Analysis of Fine-grained Parallelism with Explicit Happens-before Relationships
Onward! 2010, Co-located with SPLASH, Reno, Tahoe, Nevada, USA October 2010 (bib)
C. Angerer, Th. Gross
Static Analysis of Dynamic Schedules and its Application to Optimization of Parallel Programs
The 23rd International Workshop on Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing (LCPC2010) Rice University, Houston, Texas, USA October 2010 (bib)
C. Angerer, Th. Gross
Parallel Continuation Passing Style: A Compiler Representation for Incremental Parallelization
The 3nd Workshop on Parallel Execution of Sequential Programs on Multi-core Architectures (PESPMA 2010), co-located with 37th Intl. Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA), Saint-Malo, France, June 2010 (bib)
C. Angerer, Th. Gross
Model and Architecture of a Timing Service for Adaptive Policy-Based Management Systems
First IEEE Workshop on Adaptive Policy-Based Management in Network Management and Control (A-PBM), co-located with IEEE INFOCOM 2006, Barcelona, Spain, April 2006 (bib)
O. Creighton, C. Angerer, T. Wolf, A.H. Dutoit, B. Bruegge
Temporary Roles: An Explicit, User-Specified Organizational Model
First Workshop on Pervasive Security, Privacy and Trust (PSPT), Boston, MA, USA, 26 Aug 2004 (bib)

Book Chapters

C. Angerer, M. Nagel B. Bruegge Th. Gross
Engaging Students in Distributed Software Engineering Courses
in Managing Development and Application of Digital Technologies, Research Insights in the Munich Center for Digital Technology and Management (CDTM), Kern, Eva-Maria; Hegering, Heinz-Gerd; Brügge, Bernd (Eds.) 2006, X, 341 p., 91 illus., Hardcover.
ISBN: 3-540-34128-5 (bib)
C. Angerer, Martin Glaser, Christian Merenda
ARTiSAN RealTime Studio
in Case Tools for Embedded Systems, chapter 5, pages 51-72
Bernhard Schätz (Editor): Technical Report TUM-I0309, Technische Universität München, Institut für Informatik, 2003 (bib);
see also: Project Homepage


C. Angerer
Coordinating Shared Media Access through Counter-Phase Coupling
Poster presented at the MICS Zurich scientific conference on 17-19 October 2006
C. Angerer
Computer-mediated Collaboration in Peer-to-Peer Networks: Sharing Real-time Data Streams
Poster presented at the MICS Loewenberg scientific conference on 21-23 September 2005
C. Angerer,
NoDump - Lotus Notes/Domino Unified Modeling Process
Systementwicklungsprojekt at the Department for Applied Software Engineering, TU München,
Aufgabensteller: B. Bruegge, Supervisor: O. Creighton,
the specification of the developed UML profile can be found here.