Brainchild -
the pen-based collaborative editor
Collaborate on your ideas
Most probably, presentations and meetings take a significant time of your daily work; regardless of the business you are in, face-to-face events are still the most important platform for actual team collaboration; and this is, where progress takes place.
Still, the only real revolution modern technology gave to this area, however, were these famous tools for presenting slides and animating their content; but for making your points clear in the succeeding discussion, you still use the same basic tools as your grand-parents and even their parents: Gesturing with your hands, for example; and if it is really important, you stand up and use a flip chart or whiteboard, if present; and there have been reported cases where people began to move objects around on their tables to visualize highly complex processes for the rest of the audience.
But maybe you might be interested to read further and learn about Brainchild – the pen-based graphical editor for collaborating real-time with your colleagues – that is more than just a shared whiteboard...